1, the difference between wisdom and other small company

The three major differences between The Seven Emotions Shield and the other small companies

The difference between a:

Traditional dating agency、No qualification、No actual combat experience,Even after getting a certificate is direct service

High visibility,20Through the years practical experienceCheck the temper,Authoritative expert traders,High success rate

The difference between two:

Teach you how to improve yourself,Teach you how to communicate with each other,Teach you how to attract twice,But people do not have to go out,These are all the wasted effort

Conclusion our years of actual combat experience,The separation of small three,Only him(Her)And a third partyCompletely separatedAfter,To solve the basic problem

The difference between the three:

Most of the consulting firm called began to charge,If separation is not successful, or not to do things,Money has to pay off will not return

All consultingNo charge,No matter telephone or interview, don't accept upfront costs,Only to the specific field according to the charging effect

The difference between four:

No follow-up service,Have no emotion to cultivate the solid phase。If subsequent to produce secondary services、The second charge;Multiple services、Charge for many times

After the success of the separation,We will continue、Help you provide counseling free of charge、Emotional consulting services,Reduce anxiety,The stability of marriage and family