Hubei ChuSheng automobile co., LTD. (sales dichotomy is in urban transportation co., LTD., a car key special automobile manufacturing enterprise with independent research and development capabilities。The company is located in“Hometown of yan emperor shen nong”、“ Ancient bell music of the township”、“China's special purpose vehicle”Suizhou national high and new technology industrial park,It is a high and new technology enterprise in hubei province。The company covers an area of total area70Square meters,The construction area22Square meters。The existing staff of nearly1000People,Be engaged in research and development of professional and technical personnel60People,Has a strong technical force of r&d team,To obtain the national patent30The remainder term。

    Our main products are:For oil tank truck series products、Sanitation car series products、Repair car series products、Environmental protection residue in car series products、Fire engines、The pressure vessel and so on seven big series500Varieties。One of them:The company's leading product tanker truck sales for ten consecutive years ranked first across the country,Repair car series product sales for six consecutive years in the national top three,Compression garbage truck and overhead working truck series product sales for seven years the national top ten,Products are exported to Europe and the United States、Southeast Asia, etc13Countries and regions。Company's existing300Many sets of advanced special for production and testing equipment,Has formed seven special for the production line,But in the production of various kinds of special vehicles2Thousands of cars。

  • ● National policy clear automobile and parts import restrictions

    ● Please hold the car users,Some domestic cities have implemented a five…

    ● Greening the maintenance of the sprinkler

    ● Development trend and characteristics of aerial work truck

    ● Environmental symbol of motor vehicles in accordance with the standard exhaust emission standards can be divided into three…

    ● To the2008To implement the hold the OlympicsⅣStandard

    ● The new11Seat“CountriesⅢ”Oil gas station

    ● Auto industry supporting policies will be released Trade sales will be specified

    ● Clear glass products such as mandatory certification requirements of automotive safety

    ● China's implementation of fuel tax reform opportunity again now

    • Quality, and the bag for a year

      Shopping bags a year、The vehicle maintenance for life

    • Door-to-door service

      In the province24Hours、Outside the province48Within hours
      Door-to-door service

    • The entire supervision

      Supervision and after-sales service quality and attitude
      Ensure customer satisfaction

    • Service team

      Professional after-sales service team
      To ensure that customers worry-free

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