Simple xiao bai

Also don't eat too drab to lose weight,12Dish,Change to do every day,Belly fat is more and more small

Also don't have to eat particularly drab to lose weight,Give you recommend12The heat is not high,Cool and easy to make simple food,Change to eat at ordinary times,Belly fat is more and more small,Feeling is not so hard to lose weight~The first line。

To lose weight,eg,Xianggu mushroom,carro,Spinach,West blue flower,Lettuce,The vegetables,Sesame oil,Light soy sauce,Wax gourd,Bean sprouts,Salad dressing,Cherry tomatoes,Chili peppers,Spices,A salad,White vinegar,Chopped garlic,Cooking wine,The microwave oven,Oyster sauce,Ding edge paste2019-09-19

This20The fish is so delicious,Do three times a week,E children can eat to the ground!

Private boiled fish materials grass carp;One egg;A bowl of pickled peppers;Garlic;Ginger;Green Chinese onion;Cooking oil;Salt;Chinese prickly ash;Dried chilli;White pepper;Cooking wine will clean up grass carp,Slice,To join...

Pickled peppers,Grass carp,Chinese prickly ash,Sour pickled cabbage,Tofu,Fish fillet,Capsicum frutescens,Coriander,The old pump,Light soy sauce,Bean sauce,PI county broad bean paste,Cooking wine,Large yellow croaker,Boiled fish,Pepper,Salmon,eg,Spices,Soy sauce,Ginger,Seaweed,Yellow rice wine,Chicken essence,Chili peppers,Brown rice,Chongqing,The fish,Carrot2019-09-19